The latest version of the APM pivoting keels

Pivoting keels by APM: it is several years that APM engineers and produces pivoting keels, installed by the most famous yards in the world.

The latest one we have in costruction now, due to be delivered early 2024, has been designed to have the best performance with minimum draft, to be used in very shallow waters.

Internally has very limited space to be fitted on the yacht structures, and the grounding loads are solved, despite the draft when down, by a “fuse in” restorable mechanical safety system.

See the following images of the general plan taken by the 3D plan, and the start of the construction. Designed and build for a superyacht of 54m LOA sailing sloop under construction on a first class yard, by the pen of the famous naval architect Juan K.

A “little sister” is now on the phase of engineering, for a 43m LOA sailing sloop, always designed by Jaun K.


Stay tuned for the rest of the story.