The “classic” APM product, 30 years and hundreds of lifting keels of all size and characteristics sailing around the world.

Engineered and designed to suit the required naval architect specifications, adapted to the vessels specific requirements, from racing to cruising yachts.

Modern sailing yachts can not perform without a lifting keel, and APM’s keels proved to be the best solution of all the designs.

Suitable in size for sailing yachts from 50’ up to 300’ and more, designed to details, to perform and be reliable, allowing the modern yachts to sail but enter the harbours or bays.

Made in high resistance metals, chosen for characteristics to suit the particular design, fully CNC machined and detailed in all the components, making the keels lasting the yacht’s life. Easy to be installed and to be maintened, proven safe and fully performing in all possible situation, from hard racing to cruising in the remote seas.