Wally 130 Black Sails Maintenance works 2023–2024-PART 1 October 2023

As part of the activities, we perform for our clients, there are the full maintenance-refit service works.

The keels are removed from the yachts, sent to our premise, and after the full refit works, will return “as news”, renovated in all the details. These works are necessary in order to maintain the keels, components of primary importance for the yacht life, in perfect condition and keep navigate for the years to come.

APM team is as always very proud to see our keels come back home after many years and miles, and be able to navigate again in perfect condition.

Here in the pictures the keel removal operation, we just effected, on the well-known sailing superyacht Wally 130’ Black Sails.

For any details contacts APM offices.